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new smartphone and some printing

I just got myself a new smartphone. I have been using iPhone for years, but now I wanted to try something else. I ended up buying Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Why? Well biggest reason is that it's a waterproof. That's a huge factor for outdoor dude like me. I also like the size of it. Nowadays smartphones are huge and I want my phone to fit my pocket. Now I have also started to figure our how Android works and suprisingly I like it. I also did my first timelapse film with this phone. Here's me printing a Vacant A4 print. Btw that print has a great offer this week. ;)

...ouh and if you think you get a good camera when you buy this Z5 Compact...it's not good at all. Too much megapixels shows really badly in low light conditions. I still need to keep on searching a perfect pocket sized camera. I heard so Fujifilm X70...

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