New Gear

I have got some new gear and I have to say I love these products! 

My number one computer for around 10 years have been my old Apple iMac 27". Now I felt I needed a new partner for that and I bought myself a new MacBook PRO 13". It has really good display and everything works super fast. Now it's much easier to update social media and edit all the pictures while I'm away from my iMac.

Another great new product is Fujifilm X100S. It was little used when I bought this camera, but it was in excellent shape. I've been using this camera a lot! We have 8 months old son and this perfect camera to take pictures of him. X100S is also my number one choice when I go out to shoot street photography. It has great retro look and it has really good sensor and lens! 35mm lens feels really good! All the manual controls are great to use.

Uups... there's also third product. Yes, it's Cordweaver strap that I ordered from UK. Really awesome strap to use with my X100S! It was nice that I had a chance to choose the length and the color. Then this nice guy from UK made it and send it to me!